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What is Aiquimist?

Aiquimist is a technology startup founded in New York, NY. We have developed artificial intelligence algorithm’s to analyze human behavior (action recognition) and to detect fire weapons in real time. Our action recognition algorithm detects humans in a video stream, then it analyzes and classifies the action being performed. As of today, our action recognition algorithm understands up to 78 different actions, some of them being, running, fighting, crouching, punching, laying down, walking, carrying objects, listening to a conversation and more. Our gun-detection algorithm analyzes every frame from a video source, such as, CCTV looking for pistols, revolvers, machine-guns such as Ar15, M16, Ak47, M4 and sniper rifles. Both algorithms will send an alert to a cellphone or email account everytime an anomaly is found.


In Real-Time

Surveillance cameras at airports, terminals, shopping malls, schools, buildings, stadiums etc., sending any kind of alarm or warning in milliseconds.


Guns Recognition

Our weapon recognition system detects firearms in real-time from any source: live social networks or security cameras from anywhere in the world.


Deployed Gun Detected

Once deployed, Gun Detected is always protecting you, helping to detect threats in your environment. Our system recognizes dangerous actions in real time and can identify low and high caliber weapons

A Weapon Or An Umbrella?

The system can identify weapons with high accuracy, thus very similar objects are not identified, which enables high reliability and security required for monitoring at airports, schools, stadiums etc.

Let’s do something amazing.

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