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Brazilian Software Engineer Creates Algorithm That Recognizes Firearms

AllSeenEye algorithm artificial intelligence recognizes firearms via security cameras and alerts authorities and civilians

Improving public safety is the proposal of the AllSeenEye algorithm, which seeks to recognize firearms through security cameras, issuing warnings to authorities and civilians about the location and type of weapon. It was created by startup Aiquimist in New York and developed by Brazilian programmer Nicholas Guimarães, 22.

“Whenever an act that puts people at risk happens to have a firearm involved. Why not develop a weapon recognition algorithm?” Asked Guimarães. Given this, the programmer created the public safety technology that can be used by governments, schools, airports, traffic and at train and subway stations. However, Aiquimist does not rule out using the algorithm in private companies such as banks, stadiums and shopping malls.

The algorithm also works together with social networks. In the case of attacks broadcast live over the internet, as occurred in New Zealand in March this year, warnings would be issued on the networks to stop the transmission immediately. In addition, the networks would send messages to people in the vicinity of the attack.

Aiquimist is a family startup. In it, Nicholas’s father and uncle, Eduardo Guimarães and Marcello Guimarães, work to develop solutions using artificial intelligence in various areas. “In any case, it is not a tool to hunt anyone. It is to detect and allow lives to be protected by a systematic check. It does not sleep and does not stop,” said Eduardo to say that the system would have constant surveillance and without the human presence.

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