Welcome to AIQUIMIST

Aiquimist ( is a technology startup founded in New York, NY. We have developed an artificial intelligence algorithm to detect weapons in real time. As of today, our algorithm detects pistols, revolvers, machine-guns such as Ar15, M16, Ak47, M4 and sniper rifles.

The applications of our technology are vast.

For example, if live streaming video platforms and social media were already using our system the video of the massacre in New Zealand could have been taken down much quicker.
Besides, once a threat is identified it can alert people around to scape the area.

Schools, stadiums, religious center and airports can all be protected from terrorist attacks.

Banks and malls also benefit from our algorithm since as soon as it detects a weapon it can alert the authorities

Gun Recognition

Our weapon recognition system detects firearms in real-time from any source: live social networks or security cameras from anywhere in the world.

We can recognize guns in real-time surveillance cameras at airports, terminals, shopping malls, schools, buildings, stadiums etc., sending any kind of alarm or warning in milliseconds.


Artificial intelligence

We've created the AllSeenEye AI that enables face recognition through face recognition algorithms, firearms identification, vehicle detection, people and real-time license plates.

Our goal is to enable private users, corporations and governments to exploit the power of Deep Learning for their security in a customized way.

AllSeenEye works from images collected by IP cameras. That is, only digital images can be analyzed by our powerful AI solution.

Suspicious activity images, outlaws, suspicious cars, identified by AllSeenEye are sent to the cloud, with location, making outlaws feel really wanted by any camera, as the suspect will not be able to know which cameras are being analyzed in real time.

AllSeenEye is a vigilante who never sleeps, never goes to the bathroom and does not waste time on social networks. AllSeenEye does not lose an image in order to protect you, your family and the whole society.

Our Products

AllSeenEye's Applications

AllSeenEye Cannon

The AllSeenEye Cannon allows the identification of faces, weapons and vehicles to allow for safer investigations for the police forces. With the use of telephoto lenses, the device allows the analysis of images over long distances. Depending on the lens, we can reach targets up to 3km away, ensuring anonymity and security, and making it possible to create a suspect database. Individuals who had not yet been identified by the police until they were spotted by AllSeenEye Cannon carrying weapons.

AllSeenEye SmartGlass

The AllSeenEye Smartglass allows the police force to identify outlaws or suspects in the police database. With the use of a mini monitor and a Wi-Fi camera coupled to a pair of glasses and both connected to a single board computer, the police officer can identify individuals passing by without him even knowing who the element is.

AllSeenEye Patrimony

AllSeenEye Patrimony identifies firearms, wanted persons, individuals moving in restricted areas or intrusive vehicles. After the detection it synchronizes the images with the cloud and informs the owner of the device via sms and app that an event has been identified.

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